Wednesday, September 3, 2008

vintage aprons and being patient

Thank God the girls are back in school! I can finally get some things done without breaking up a fight.

I recently updated my photos in my etsy shop and I think they look better. A friend had told me to just take the pictures with a white background but that looked boring. The photos I changed are now in natural settings and I used eldest dd as model to give perspective which is good.

I got a request for a vintage apron but with a wider bottom so that the apron covers all of the hips. I am going to work on that today which should be fun. I wish more people were into aprons. I love them and they are such a cute fashion accessory. There are plenty of books out there, and magazine articles on this once popular staple, but I guess it depends on where you live.

I want to make some with sweetheart necklines and some ruffles for fun. I saw a shop that had some gorgeous aprons and the woman even has a retro kitchen in which she took photos from so it really added to the nostalgia of the pieces. She has a lot of sales so maybe I just have to be patient. We could use the money though!

I hate being patient. I have all these ideas and I know my stuff is great, but I hate waiting around for someone to discover it and buy it. Hopefully, blogging will help although I admit that I am such a newbie at this I don't know how people are going to be exposed to it.

But, on the off chance that someone, somewhere out there is reading this, check out my etsy shop at . Let me know what you think.

Have a great week everyone! Buy handmade!

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