Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Direction

After much thinking, I have decided to take my shop and my designs in a new direction. I am going to focus more on my first love of vintage fashion and really work on making bags from the 1920's-1950's fit into today's fashions.

My Etsy shop looked all over the place, so I weeded out some things that sell better in person, and I am going to focus more on just a few styles with lots of different fabric options. I have received tons of positive feedback on the forums about the look of my new clutches which was great! I even sold the black one yesterday which made my day!

My goal, in doing this, is to have people think of my bags when they see my name/logo. I want a certain style to come to mind when people think of B Stauff Designs. Then, once I am really famous and selling oodles of bags, I can expand and take my brand to new directions.

Have a good day, be creative, and have fun!

Monday, January 26, 2009

This weeks featured artists!

It is a new week and with that I am featuring two very talented artists. The first is Lisa amato who is owner and photographer of Photoamato. Here is what she has to say about her shop:

Please visit my entire gallery at

Welcome to my gallery. I hope you enjoy your visit. All of my photographs are available in a variety of sizes. I also offer custom sizing. They can also be converted to black and white, sepia, or any custom post processing. Just ask...anything is possible!
ADDITIONAL SIZES/PRICING: Note card=$3.00, 5X7=$10.00, 11X14=$30.00, 16X20=$60.00.
All my work is created in a smoke-free home.

Her work is featured in the etsy mini to the left! Please check her out!

My second artist is Kit chase from She is a very talented painter who also creates beautiful dolls. This is what her shop announcement has to say:

I have been working this week on new paintings, stamps, and...(drumroll)... a collection of dolls! I'll be loading them this weekend so don't forget to stop by!
I LOVE to do custom paintings! If you would like one, or see a painting that's sold and not relisted, just convo me and I'll create a painting just for you!

Her lovely dolls and paintings are also included in the etsy mini on the left.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two Featured Artists

I am changing things up for 2009. Instead of 8 different fave things in my etsy mini, I am going to pick two of my favorite etsy artists each week, and post 4 pics for each of them. Hopefully this will get them some exposure, and allow my blog followers to see some new things.

The first is . I love these origami cards and tags, especially the dress ones. They remind me of the vintage fashion I so love. KittyKatKards is based in Maryland, and her shop is terrific so check it out.

Next is a dear friend I first met when I started on etsy last year. She was one of the first people to reach out to me in the forums and she has been so good to me by featuring many of my pieces in her treasuries. She is known for constantly helping fellow artists get exposure and her Crocheted Little Things are so beautiful. Her shop is filled with unique, ooak designs for all ages. she can be found at so please stop by her shop and say hi!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big ideas

I just made a very large tote for a friend of mine and I am now offering them in my etsy shop in a variety of fabrics. I took photos of the base fabric options and fabrics that could be used for the stripes and lining. I am offering them through my Etsy shop for $50.00. They include a cell phone pocket as well as a larger square pocket. They make great beach bags, market bags, or even an overnight bag. My friend is using it as a purse because she likes really big bags.
I am hoping this offers people more choices and lets them see what color combos can be used in handbags.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I received a Blog Award!

My sweet friend Piccoladonna2006 from etsy just awarded me with a blog award! I am so surprised! Please check out her etsy shop as she creates amazingly cute crocheted little things at . I also have her pink baby booties featured in my treasury whose link is in the post below.

Vintage Valentines

Ok I know it has been ages since I posted, but I have been very busy and I was also having problems signing into this account for some reason!

I currently have a cool treasury on etsy called Vintage Valentines and it features some amazing things so please check it out.

Speaking of Vintage valentines I thought I would give out some ideas on things you can make to help decorate your home during this season of love. Fabric hearts are so easy and quick to make and they can be used as small pillows, gift toppers, sachets, or ornaments, depending on the size heart.

Pick out your favorite vintage fabric or any print you love. Make a heart template from a paper bag or piece of paper to use as your pattern. Cut out your pattern and pin it to you fabric which should be folded in half with right sides together. Cut out the heart, making sure to add a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Sew around the heart leaving an opening of about 2-3 inches to add stuffing. Turn the heart right side out and start filling it. You can use poly fill, cotton batting lavender,or my new favorite, fabric scraps!

I have so many scraps that I started using them to fill my pillows and hearts. I actually like using this type of fill because it gives the pillow a firmer shape. I made my BFF some hearts for Christmas and filled it with scraps that included pieces from things I had made for her over the year. It was a sweet way to remember those.

Once you have filled your heart until it is nice and plump, stitch up the opening and you are done! You can also add a ribbon loop at the top, simply by including it in between the seam allowance before you sew, and then catching it inside the seam. Make sure you place it upside down so when you turn your heart right side out, the loop isn't stuck inside the pillow! You can also play with the design and sew on some vintage buttons or rick rack to the right side of the heart before sewing the two halves together.

These make great gifts, and bring a shabby chic type of look to your home!

Have fun!