Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall decorating and new ideas

I love the fall! Being a natural redhead, it is my season because the colors work well with my coloring. I can't wait to get out my fall decorations and Halloween things. I am a bit crazed about Halloween. I love to decorate my home inside and out with cool Halloween things. I don't like tacky plastic things, but wooden signs, lifelike rats and crows and cool folk art are so great! I have a 6 foot fake pine tree that I decorate all year round with different ornaments for the different holidays and seasons. It looks so cute in my family room and makes a great conversation piece.

I had planned on getting out my stuff this weekend, but I got into a crafting mode and was sewing all day yesterday. I made a few new pieces that turned out great. Check them out on my Etsy shop if you want to. I have also been busy making some custom orders as well as marketing online and setting up another shop in dawanda Dawanda is a European site that is similar to Etsy. I figured it couldn't hurt!

I also have someone passing along my shop to a friend of hers who owns a pricey boutique and is looking for handbags. She loved my things and wants to tell her friend about me. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Tropical storm Hannah gave us some much needed rain yesterday and today is much cooler and crystal clear! Now to just get in that crawl space and dig out the fall stuff....

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