Saturday, December 6, 2008

time for new favorite things

My list of favorite etsy shops is late this week not because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but because I love the winter trees.

This made me think of how sometimes we don't like to leave the past truly behind and accept new things or new challenges. The past is known, its familiar and comfortable. Even though it may be unhappy, we know that we can handle it because we already did.

I have a problem of letting go of some of my past demons and they are affecting how I treat myself. I need to exercise and lose 30 lbs. I need to be healthy not only because I would look better, but because my three girls deserve a healthy role model.

I need to be more optimistic. I need to see the good things about me instead of focusing on what is wrong or what is not working out my way. I need to say goodbye to the wrongs done tome and say hello to the good things that are waiting for me to receive them.

So to anyone out there dealing with the same things, let it go. Embrace today and tomorrow and leave yesterday behind where it belongs. Be happy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Erin!

Today is my middle daughter's 11th birthday. Erin is a beauty with pale skin, and dark brown hair with a touch of auburn highlights. She is tall like her older sister, but that is where the similarities stop. Erin is definitely a OOAK kid. She is very smart and funny in a dry, sarcastic but not mean way. She makes you laugh without thinking she is funny. She has always been very inquisitive and asks great questions about everything.
She has always noticed the little things in life. When she was little she would look at the mountains and notice the way the light was hitting them, or the color of the leaves at a certain time of day. She sees things through an artists eyes and draws and paints very well. She is smart and very stubborn and argumentative which will serve her well someday but can be trying at times. She currently wants to be a senator when she grows up but that changes monthly.
I remember when she was born, my husband left to tend to her big sister and it was just Erin and I snuggled in the hospital bed. I wanted to soak in every moment of just the two of us because I knew it would be the only time we would have together without the rest of the world crashing in.
Being the middle child isn't easy. Especially when you have an older and younger sister who are both very outspoken, loud, outgoing and talented and you feel like you live in their shadow because you tend to be on the quiet and shy side. I wish Erin could see how wonderful she is and that sometimes, the ones that are the loudest aren't always the ones to be listened to.
So here is to my beautiful daughter Erin who has lighted my life and my heart for the past 11 years. May she know only happiness and joy in her life and may she always stay true to her dreams.