Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I hate paper clutter!

School has only been in session here since 8/25 and already I am swamped with paper for all three girls. Between fundraisers, permission slips, lunch menus, weekly calendars, school lists, and mail I am drowning in it.

No matter what creative way I have tried to organize, it still clutters my counters and island, and desk, and drawers....
I try to be neat. Really I do. but I always end up not being able to throw any away because at one point I will need it.

So much for us trying to live green. I wish everything could be done on the computer but there are still so many who can't even email and they always complain when it is mentioned. I thought by becoming the Home and School President for the next 2 years I would be able to do something about this, but alas, no.

Well, I am off to bed. I know that right now it is only 8:22pm but I was awake last night between 12 and 4:30 with my mind racing and I just couldn't relax. Not to mention that I am nursing a really sore butt, legs and arms from my first spinning class last night. God was that hard! I think I should have eased into exercise a bit more because I can hardly move today!

Have a great night, enjoy your stay here and I hope to see you around my shop at Etsy sometime!

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