Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School- Back to Work!

vacation being over i am now going to focus on getting my etsy business going and getting my designs out there. the girls are back in school and i can now start getting back to sewing and creating. i have a lot of cool ideas for the fall and winter, to use up my ever growing stash of fabrics(which never seems to go down.....) i'm not going to focus so much on christmas because i want my creations to be enjoyed all year through, but i will change the color scheme from cooler colors to warmer.

i still don't think people understand what vintage means. to most, it means "old" or out of fashion and they don't get the concept. i am trying to change that way of thinking by using vintage fabrics in a new way. i love using aprons as a piece of clothing to wear all day, not just when you are cooking. they look great over a pair of jeans and a cute shirt.

made my first sale on etsy the other day which was very exciting!!!! i hope more follow. i need to go to a few vitnage stores by me and see if they will carry my stuff in their store. i think it would be great to get people to see and feel the products rather than just seeing a photo on a computer screen.

today i want to finish up the apron i am working on and the patchwork purse also. i also want to lay out the fabrics i am planning to use and sort them into project categories. i'll post pictures when i get a chance.

well, this concludes my first foray into the blogging world! let the fun begin!

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