Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Mischief Night!

Do you remember Mischief Night? They don't have it here anymore and my kids have only heard of it through us. I think its a shame but then again, we were less destructive 30 years ago!

I started remembering all we did on that wonderful night! We would soap every ones windows, and TP our front yard and the neighbors. We also always tried to make a TP wall across the street. We would wrap it around a tree in our yard and walk across to wrap it around the tree across the street. The goal was to have it be high enough before a car would come down the street. It was funny to see all the cars slow down, afraid to drive through it. some would turn around, and some would race through. We would hide and crack up. Man did we go through a lot of TP! My dad probably had a fit.

We would also ring doorbells and run and I always thought the people who would answer were pretty stupid for even bothering on that night!

I heard of some funny things people would do like dress up a scarecrow and tie it to a rope and put it in the middle of the street so people would think there was a body in the road. When they would stop and get out, the rope was pulled and it would scare the heck out of the person!

I also think the classic dog doo in a paper bag is funny although I would not want that to happen to me now!.

Good times, good times.....

Have a safe and fun Mischief night and Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Oh, we got into lots of pretty innocent mischief on Halloween back in the day! I hope all the kids have a fun, safe time tonight!

Victoria Ann said...

Alas, No mischief night here! I have heard of it though!

Afraid that I think soaping the neigbours windows is outrageous! I cannot imagine you doing such a thing :)