Sunday, October 26, 2008

Funny things kids say

My youngest, Emma will be 7 shortly and she is really a funny kid. She says the funniest things at times and cracks us all up. I recently taught her how to chain stitch because she wanted to learn how to crochet. (I barely even know how so she won't get too far!) She got the hang of it pretty quickly and woke up early one morning to start again. As she was working away she announces "Crocheting is my life. I was born for it" Well, needless to say her sister Erin and I just lost it.

My oldest, when she was about 5 was saying grace and thanks God for "our family, the good food and the merry drinks". Maybe coming from a wine/beer loving Italian/Irish heritage was rubbing off!

My middle one, has a very dry sense of humor and although she may not come out with the funny phrases the other two have, she will make a comment without even knowing how funny she is. Brian and I will burst out laughing and she will look at us like"what's so funny". She also gets humor quicker than the other two and will appreciate a more complicated joke.

There are so many times my girls have made us laugh and I am so blessed to have those memories. When times are tough like they are now, it is such a nice relief to just sit back and laugh with them.

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Have a great day and happy crafting!

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