Saturday, November 1, 2008

Good friends, good food, good wine...

Do you need anything more for a perfect weekend evening? Tonight we are having over one our favorite couples for dinner. I am going to make Pasta Fagioli the way my grandmother did and serve it with good Italian bread and red wine. With a fire going, it will be the perfect peasant styled meal for a cool evening in November!

We always have a great time with them and we laugh a lot which Brian and I need to do after this stressful week (OK 6 months). We deserve this little break from reality tonight!

I love to entertain and have friends over. In the past I have always felt I need to have something fancy for dinner, to make it seem special. Not anymore. Simple dishes can be even better because they are comforting, easy to prepare and make your guests feel at home. If you are trying to recreate a restaurant in your home, why not just meet at one? Your friends come over for you, not the meal. A simpler menu also lets you spend more time with them and actually enjoy the evening rather than running around the kitchen preparing different courses.

Open up a good bottle of your favorite wine, put on a pot of soup, serve it with bread and a simple salad and add some friends. You'll have a great weekend!

Have fun!

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Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

Sounds like a nice quiet evening with good food and good friends. Have fun!

burrito said...

I agree on simple meals being better. I feel bad when I go to a friend's house and they go all out with the cooking!

Esther and Agnes said...

Simple is wonderful, so euro and casual. Lovely blog site BTW.