Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finding Time to Sew

2 Years ago, I foolishly thought that when my youngest was at school all day I would get so much sewing done. This is why I timed starting for when all three would be away at school.

Boy was I mistaken. Now that the oldest is in High School and the other two starting 45 minutes later, I spend most of the day in the car! I don't get back home until 8:30, so by the time I eat breakfast, shower, and check my emails, it's 9:45-10 am before I can actually start sewing. I roll along pretty good until the phone rings, or the washer buzzer goes off, or the dog needs to go out, or I have to return books at the library. I then have to leave at 1:40 to pick up said teen, then drive to pick up younger two. It is 3:30 by the time we return home. I maybe get another hour in if I am lucky before homework, dinner, driving to activities and baths happen. By the time youngest is in bed at 8, I am tired and not feeling too much like sewing!

I have such ambitious intentions when I first wake in the morning. I think of my new fabrics and of what I want to make with them. I dream of completing three projects and posting them on or and still having time to work on the computer a while. Sadly the reality is there just are not enough hours in the day.

Balancing a start up business, being a mom, and running a busy household is not easy, but it is possible. You must be disciplined and dedicated, and you must want it bad!


Phiphi said...

Absolutely agree with you, it's tough but it's possible..:D I have similar story here, now that my youngest one started going to play school, I thought I'd be able to work more..the reality is by the time they go off and the laundry is done I barely have 1 hour in hand:(..

piccoladonna2006 said...

I hear you same here!! I got up full of ideas and good propositions, but the days just slip by....ugh!!