Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Made The Front Page of Etsy!!!

Holy Cow! I went online this morning only to find out that my Box Tote graced the front pages of etsy last night at 7pm! I am so sad I missed it, but thankfully I got to see it in the archives.

I am so excited! It got a ton of views and 8 people marked it as their favorite. This has been a really good week for me as far as exposure to new markets.

Currently, I have been very busy with custom orders. I finished a wedding bag set for a friends daughter, and I made some clothes to send to S.O.T.A. in New Hope. I also made my daughter a dress for her spring choral concert which I have to put the finishing touches on. I have 7 more bags to finish for orders and then I can start making some new ones for my artfire and etsy shops.

Have a great weekend everyone, and what ever you do, don't lose hope, keep plugging and do it the best you can.


Avlor said...

Congratulations! May you have constant sales!

Barb said...

Thank you! You too!

Phiphi said...

congrats...and all the best..:)