Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Opportunity?

Yesterday I attended a bridal shower for my friends daughter. I had made her bridal purse as well as the money bag which I had posted here about a couple of weeks ago. The shower was lovely and afterword my bff and I walked around downtown Easton to look at some of the new shops.

A brand new bridal boutique has opened up and we went in. The store is so pretty and the dresses were gorgeous. Wedding Daze Boutique is owned by Kori Muntean and she is a professional bridal consultant. Wedding Daze not only carries bridal dresses, but they also take care of every aspect of the planning from invites, to flowers, to catering, location, and photography. The website is gorgeous so be sure to check it out .

While we were talking to her, my bff, who is a consummate sales person, casually asks if she carries handbags, Kory said she didn't so I told her I was a handbag designer. She asked for my card and said she knew of no one who does that kind of work and if I wanted to bring a few to show her she would love to see them.

Although I am excited at another opportunity, I am scared. I am my own worse critic. Things have to be perfect and when they aren't, I am not happy. Although everyone thought my bridal purse turned out beautiful, all I could see were the small bumps from the interfacing, and the way the silk draped a little weird on the front flap.

I need to find a way to interface these wedding bags without the interfacing texture showing through. I also worry that I won't be able to keep up with all the work that is coming my way. With all the custom orders, the store in New Hope wanting more, a home show in June and the Philly Market in July, as well as a store in Avon NJ wanting some clutches to wholesale from me, I am getting panicked that I am only one woman!

So my question to all you talented artists out there: Does anyone know how I could interface a clutch to keep its shape without the lumps? I want to use more delicate, wedding fabrics, but without the worries of them being transparent. Also, how did you keep up with your growth spurts?

Answer on!

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don't have any insights on that for you. i'm still a beginner at sewing. Good luck! (and don't be so critical of yourself! the imperfections is what makes it perfect!)