Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Wearin' of the Green!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend to all my Irish friends and those who wish they were! Today is our annual St. Pat's Party so I will make this brief because I have to get the corned beef's in the cookers!

Every year we invite family and friends over for corned beef and cabbage, we laugh, drink, and sing Irish songs. The kids love getting together and putting on acts for us which is a riot. I took over the tradition a few years ago from my Uncle Jim who lost his brave battle with cancer in July,2006. He was famous (in our huge family)for his annual St. Pat's Day Gala which was a talent show. It started at his apartment in Little Falls, NJ with just the immediate family and close friends. Over the years, it grew to fill the Belmar Fishing Club in Belmar, NJ with about 150 people.

His best friend would don a tux and be MC each year. Some of the acts were hysterically funny and some showed real talent. I have had my share of fame with singing with my sister and my daughter and my cousin's. It was looked forward to and people rehearsed their acts for months ahead of time.

When he grew too sick to host it, I decided to just have my mom(his sis)and dad and my sis and her family and some close friends so that we could look back and relive the good times. It is my small tribute to him and I hope he is smiling today from heaven having a Guinness with us!

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