Tuesday, February 17, 2009

vintage love

I'm am trying to get back to my original love and inspiration that started it all. Vintage Fashion. When I set up my studio, and got serious about sewing, my first love was sewing clothes for myself, my friends and my family. I began collecting vintage patterns and making reproductions of them.

Then I began making handbags and they were faster and seemed to be more mainstream marketable, and people wanted to buy them. I slowed down making clothes because I didn't have the time to do both and fitting issues for too many body types is hard to deal with.

Lately, I have really missed sewing clothes. I have all these great patterns and fabric that I never used! I had so many plans for the wonderful outfits I would make and the winter coat I wanted to try and create. I spent hundreds on fine quality fabrics and Italian wool blends. I have several U.F.O.'s laying around that never got completed because the handbags came first.

This weekend, I started on a new dress from the 1950's that I cannot wait to post pictures of. I am going to sell it on my shop as well as a few other items. I debated on whether or not to open up a separate shop for this but I decided to keep it all in the same family, just a new section. My idea is to offer women vintage fashion in modern fabrics that can be used today.

I realize that it will take longer to finish each piece, but that time will be a labor of love and open up a new level of creativity. Maybe I will even make a matching handbag with each outfit! Hey! there's an idea!

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