Monday, April 27, 2009

Best Recycling Idea

Last week I talked about ways to recycle and asked for your ideas. I got 15 great responses and I thank you guys for that!

Two that really stood out as great were to use old sewing patterns as tissue paper in gifts and to use old receiving blankets as diaper doublers. Although I am long out of the diaper stage this really is a fantastic ideas for those of you with little ones still in diapers. Cut them up, fold them up and sew along the open edge. They are washable and reusable!

This weeks question is more of an idea hunt. I have a big collection of vintage calendar tea towels. They are in great condition and I would like to make some things with them. Any ideas? Comment on what you think I could make with them. I will make the best idea, post the finished product here and on Etsy, and give you the credit!

1 comment:

cappy sue creations said...

I used some tea towels to make very cute kitchen curtains. :)